Redfish has a blog! For the 2018 summer season, we are launching a new blog in order for students to document their experiences in the field. Our intention is to give Redfish students a public forum in which they can synthesize their insights, lessons, intentions, and stories. This will be a multimedia project: students can write essays, use photography, illustrations, video, or audio. Expect immersive storytelling told from the heart about the conversations that matter to these citizens of the Salish Sea.

Our goals will evolve as this project gets underway, but we begin with this:

  • give each student a platform from which to speak their passions, opinions, gleanings, and insights as they navigate the Redfish field course
  • build students’ portfolios of published multimedia work
  • provide family, friends, and community members a way to listen to, and begin a conversation with, each student author
  • create a community forum for the public to more meaningfully engage with the work that Redfish does in connecting students to communities in the Salish Sea.

Beginning June 29th, expect a new blog post each week from a different Redfish student. Thank you for joining us on this journey. Please follow this blog as we navigate the spaces and places of this precious bioregion, learning and living in community, creating positive social and ecological change in the Salish Sea. Onward!

-Joe Loviska, Operations Director and Redfish Instructor

May, 2018

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