Wild, Contagious Hope with Dr. Elin Kelsey

January 24th and January 25th
Workshop Series at Western Washington University

World renowned author and researcher, Dr. Elin Kelsey joined students and Faculty at Western Washington University and explored the topic of Environmental Hope. Elin’s work is a welcome break from current environmental narratives which use language and examples to evoke despair and terror. She artfully wove together her wealth of examples from the natural world  to show how the resiliency of other species can help not only restore but also spread hope to those around us. Elin’s workshops inspired exciting discussions and collaborative solutions.

Elin in tidepoolDr. Elin Kelsey is a leading spokesperson for hope and the environment. An award-winning author and environmental consultant, she currently serves as a Visiting Scholar in the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University and has been awarded prestigious fellowships, including a Rockefeller fellowship and a Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society fellowship, to explore intersections of hope and the environment in interdisciplinary think tanks devoted to world changing ideas. Her lectures and events included:

Teaching with Hope

Wild Contagious Hope: Huxley Speakers Series- Salish Sea Focus

Coffee, Tea, and Snacks with Elin

From Problem Identification to Solutions Orientation: Journalism for Hope Student Workshop

Students have been discussing the grief they feel about the state of the planet; their lack of awareness of environmental solutions that are working; and, their lack of knowledge about how to reorient their own research beyond problem analysis towards solutions generation and amplification. This workshop was an exercise in solutions journalism which will workshop a pedagogical approach as a means to explore how to engage university students from a hope and solutions orientation when talking about our relations to Earth.

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