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Experience the Salish Sea without borders! Join the Redfish School of Change this summer to gain course credits and learn with students from Canada and the United States. Gain leadership skills, practice reciprocity, explore reconciliation and develop environmental hope as you work, live and travel in the Salish Sea bioregion.SAMSUNG CSC

Work with local organizations, governments, and Indigenous groups to celebrate, explore and protect the Salish Sea.

    • 2 courses (Indigenous Resurgence in the Salish Sea; Leadership Skills)
    • 3 week field program (July 3rd – July 23rd) with two major locations in the Salish Sea (Canada and United States)
  • 9 Canadian participants, 9 American participants, 2 instructors, 3 credits (Through the University of Victoria or Western Washington University)

As a participant in the program you will engage in two practica over the three week field school. You will receive direct instruction as you live and work in community with students and instructors. Immerse yourself in the Salish Sea this summer and explore the Gulf and San Juan Islands.

You can download course syllabi for each course below. ¬†Students applying through WWU download the two files with the prefix, “WWU”. Students applying through UVic may download the two files with the prefix, “UVic”.

WWU Syllabus ENVS 491
WWU Syllabus ENVS 498c

UVic Syllabus ES 370
UVic Syllabus ES 380

UVic students contact Ryan Hilperts –

WWU students contact Nick Stanger –

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