During the Redfish experience, student teams create storymaps – interactive representations of landscapes and the stories they hold. Through interviews with local leaders, photographs, essays, drawings, and other media, students reflectively weave together a story that is shaped by their experience.

Art and Music in the Salish Sea

Watch as Redfish students and participants in “Turning the Tide” collaborate in this creative community project, mapping where they see social and environmental change occuring in the Salish Sea.

At Home in the Salish Sea


Sitting in a circle at Xwaaqw’um (Salt Spring Island) with Hwiemtun (Cowichan Tribal Liaison) and local educator Sarah Bateman, students reflect on the various ways in which we understand home. 

Senses of the Salish Sea

This salty scent of the ocean is inescapable at this restored clam garden on Russell Island, where Indigenous peoples have cultivated and harvested shellfish, a critical food source, since time immemorial. 

Tourism, Industry and Residents

Hardly an uncommon picture in the Salish Sea: a whale watching boat traveling through Active Pass taken from one of a BC Ferry

2017 Storymaps

Tastes of the Salish Sea

Flavours of the region and the people who love them. Food is  harvested from the garden of a Salt Spring Island family who hosted the Redfish on their land

Roots: A Redfish story about plants and place

Redfishies get personal with native plants on Sucia Island



Remembering to laugh an have fun is an integral part of success in a changemaker’s life

Thriving in the Salish Sea


Strong leaders build strong communities. Redfish students collect at a special spot on Sucia Island.


Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 5.44.39 PM.png

How grassroots movements spring from individual efforts in the Salish Sea

Migrating through the Salish Sea with Bats

Redfish 2016 - 178

The author explores the little-known habits and habitats of bats in the region

Salish Sea Lines and Liberation

Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 5.48.47 PM.png

An examination of land privatization and border-building in the Salish Sea

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